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Letra Don't Talk to Strangers

Artista: Rick Springfield
When you were just a young girl and still in school
How come you never learned the golden rule?
Don't talk to strange men, don't be a fool
I'm hearing stories, I don't think that's cool
Why dontcha tell me
Someone is a-lovin' you
'Cos you're my girl
Some say it's no longer true
They say you're dating
Some slick Continental dude
I'm tellin' you

Don't talk to strangers
Baby, dontcha talk
Don't talk to strangers
You know he'll only use
Don't talk, don't talk
Oh, don't talk
Don't talk, don't talk to him
Nobody, nobody ever told you

Now tell me, how's life in the big city?
I hear the competition's tough, baby, that's a pity
Where every man's an actor, every girl is pretty
I don't like what's gettin' back to me
Now who's this
Don Juan I've been hearing of
Love hurts
When only one's in love
Now did ya fall at first sight
Or did you need a shove
I'm beggin' you, please