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Artista: Cranberries
I'm still remembering the day I gave my life away
I'm still remembering the time you said you'd be mine
Yesterday was cold and bare because you were not
Yesterday was cold, my story has been told

I need your affection all the way
The world has changed, or I've changed in a way
I try to remain, I'm trying not to go insane
I need your affection all the way (get away)

I'm still remembering my life before I became your
I'm still remembering the pain and the mind games
Reverse psychology never tainted me
I didn't sell my soul, I didn't sell my soul

They say the cream will always rise to the top
They say that good people are always the first to drop
What of Kurt Cobain, will his presence still remain
Remember J.F.K., ever saintly in a way
Where are you now? Where are you now?
Where are you now?, say, where are you now?